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Artificial Sweat Artificial Sweat Artificial Sweat
Artificial Sweat
Artificial Sweat Artificial Sweat

Artificial Sweat

2500 INR/Bottle

Product Details:


Artificial Sweat Price And Quantity

  • 2500 INR/Bottle
  • 1 Milliliter

Product Description

Artificial Sweat/Eccrine Perspiration


Product Number: NCZ-APS-0011-20

Packaging: 100 mL to 1000 mL

NOTE: Custom pH formulations can be made in the pH range from 2.0 to 9.0.For custom component formulations please contact sales@nanochemazone.comfor a quote.

ArtificialEccrine Perspiration we offer is a ready-to-use solution and is the closestmimic to true human eccrine sweat. It consists of nineteen amino acids, the seven mostabundant minerals, and the four most abundant metabolites at a pH of 4.5. Allconcentrations closely match experimentally determined values for adult humaneccrine sweat.

ArtificialSweat stabilized solution is preserved with a fungicide andbactericide for two years of shelf life at room temperature. The non-stabilizedproduct is kept frozen and has a shelf life of one year.

Note: Custom formulationsat varying pH (2-9) can be made as either the stabilized or non- stabilizedsolutions.

Artificial Eccrine Perspiration stabilizedversion has a preservative that prevents microbial growth and can then bestored at room temperature. The not stabilized version has no preservative andmust be kept frozen until you intend to use it. You may need this version ifyou are testing a product that claims to prevent microbial growth or odor fromperspiration. Our Artificial Eccrine Perspiration normally comes at pH 4.5,however, we can make it custom from pH 2.0 – 9.0.

Artificial Eccrine Perspiration Applications:

Makers of smartwatches, skin drug testing,pharmaceutical industries, high-performance textiles, biosensors, heads-updisplays, and fitness monitors all have one thing in common – the need to testtheir products for quality assurance. Personal electronics and wearabletechnology manufacturers perform sweat testing on materials including touchscreens, watchbands, keyboards, eyeglasses, and any other product material orsurface that would benefit from guaranteed reproducible results with artificialperspiration. By using artificial eccrine perspiration, our customers are ableto save time and ensure the same repeatable results anywhere, anytime.

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