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Artificial Biological Solutions

Offered array of Artificial Biological Solutions is used for research testing purpose. To be precise, these are mainly used to determine characteristics of different products that expose to human saliva and sweat. These are also used to treat dry mouth condition for their excellent lubrication attributes. Available in ready to use form, these have been formulated from different grades of amino acids and metabolites in precise amount. Offered in airtight bottle, these Artificial Biological Solutions need to be stored in refrigerator to prolong their shelf life. These solutions have been formulated under controlled environment to maintain precision of their content.
Product Image (AGG700-10)

Rotary Grid Storage Box for 25 grids (Pk10)

Rotary Grid Storage Box for 25 grids (Pk10)

Product Image (AGG702)

Rotary Grid Storage Boxes For 25 Tem Grids

Rotary grid storage boxes for 25 TEM grids

Product Image (03)

Artificial Urine

Price: 7500 INR/Milliliter
  • HS Code:30029090
Product Image (01)

Artificial Saliva

Price: 12500 INR/Pack

Artificial Saliva

Product Image (02)

Artificial Eccrine Perspiration

Price: 7500 INR/Pack

Artificial Sweat Solution (pH maintained) Stabilized and Non-Stabilized Forms Natural Forms


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